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Why GateWood Digital?

Established in 2013, GateWood Digital has been a force for small businesses. We know that with a small business comes a small budget. So why can’t a small business compete with the ‘big dogs’ on the internet?


We believe that a website doesn’t have to be expensive to be beautiful, professional and easy to navigate. It’s simple, really! So, why not pass on the savings to our clients so you can have a website worthy of a multi-million dollar corporation, for the cost fit for “the little guy.”

With that said, the typical budget of a small business for online website care, updates and security is barely enough to cover the cost of a Facebook page. That’s why we offer custom website and care services to fit the needs of any business at prices that don’t cripple the bottom line. 

Scott Russell

Scott has been coding HTML websites since 2001 because he thought it was fun! But when CSS came around, that was the icing on the cake. HTML and CSS took web development to a new level and Scott was there learning new technologies as they came about.

In 2013, Scott founded GateWood Digital, LLC because he had found something that topped even HTML and CSS. Though they are still the literal foundation of web design and development, it is WordPress that is dominating the web today.

With his knack for technology, love of coding and a sponge for information, Scott set off to learn this “WordPress thing” and has never looked back.

Scott is happy to offer his knowledge and expertise to his clients. He is always available and ready to assist when they are in need. Hey, the web can be a dark and scary place! Scott and GateWood Digital will be with you carrying the torch.

Scott Russell

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